Integration with On-Premises Data Sources in Azure Synapse Analytics

Today many organizations are cloud hybrid in nature so they need to read from and write to on-premises data stores including file systems and relational databases. In this video I show you how to connect to on-premises file systems and relational databases (like Azure SQL Database Edge) using the Integration Pipelines capabilities of Azure Synapse Analytics and the self-hosted integration runtime.

Integration Runtime
Self-Hosted Integration Runtime
Service architecture of Self-Hosted Integration Runtime

4 thoughts on “Integration with On-Premises Data Sources in Azure Synapse Analytics

  1. A follow up question is; should you use Azure to copy from one onprem database to a different onprem database? What is the best way of achieving that objective?

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    1. I think the usual answer would apply – it depends. Using this method might be a good way to consolidate all of your enterprise data orchestration and transformations if you have many others that use the cloud. In the scenario where you’re moving data from on-prem database to another on-prem database, if you have the SHIR on-prem as well then, the data being moved will never go up to the cloud and the back down, it will simply be moved via processes on the SHIR reading from the source on-prem database and writing to the on-prem database. I hope this helps. Thank you for reading/watching and commenting!


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