Getting acquainted with Azure Synapse SQL Serverless

Azure Synapse Analytics SQL Serverless is a distributed data processing/query service over data that lives in your Azure Data Lake. The service enables access to data through the following functionalities:

  • A familiar T-SQL syntax to query data in place without the need to copy or load data into another data store
  • Integrated connectivity via the MSSQL driver that has wide support amongst business intelligence and other query tools

Synapse SQL Serverless was built for large-scale data processing. The service provides fault-tolerance and enables high reliability even for long-running queries involving very large datasets.

In this video we will walk through some of the capabilities and benefits then in the 2nd video we’ll see some examples of how Synapse SQL Serverless can be used.

Video introduction to Synapse SQL Serverless:

Demo of Synapse SQL Serverless:

Be sure to check out documentation on Azure Synapse SQL Serverless:

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