Coming soon… Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Certification Guide

Hello everyone.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted because in addition to my regular responsibilities (and taking a seminary course) I’ve been co-authoring a book! 

Cover of the book Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Certification Guide by Orrin Edenfield and Edward Corcoran

Working with Packt Publishing on this book was a wonderful experience that I’m thankful to have been a part of. I hope this can be a help to the analytics community as a comprehensive resource for the PL-300 exam or for anyone else getting started using Power BI. I’d love for others to be able to read the book, pass the exam, and help further their career and reach their analytics and reporting goals. 

The book, Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Certification Guide will be released in June and will be available in e-book and print editions.

You can pre-order the book from the link above or from here

Getting acquainted with Azure Synapse SQL Serverless

Azure Synapse Analytics SQL Serverless is a distributed data processing/query service over data that lives in your Azure Data Lake. The service enables access to data through the following functionalities:

  • A familiar T-SQL syntax to query data in place without the need to copy or load data into another data store
  • Integrated connectivity via the MSSQL driver that has wide support amongst business intelligence and other query tools

Synapse SQL Serverless was built for large-scale data processing. The service provides fault-tolerance and enables high reliability even for long-running queries involving very large datasets.

In this video we will walk through some of the capabilities and benefits then in the 2nd video we’ll see some examples of how Synapse SQL Serverless can be used.

Video introduction to Synapse SQL Serverless:

Demo of Synapse SQL Serverless:

Be sure to check out documentation on Azure Synapse SQL Serverless:

Using COPY command with Azure Synapse Analytics SQL Dedicated Pool

Azure Synapse Analytics includes many features and capabilities, among those is the COPY command which makes copying data into a data warehouse very easy. This video will walk you though using the COPY command to import data into a data warehouse table for use by data consumers.

Additional Resources:
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